The Up Factor: Cracking the community code.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually cracked the community code…

But I believe I have tapped into a good source that may inspire the beginning.  Community is a buzz word that implies a people joining together and sharing resources, time, talents and love with one another.   And in this space many things often happen: increased productivity, serving others, and a general sense of well-being.  Well, if you are more of an introvert that can prove tricky, as many introverted people desire those things as well, but are less likely to venture out and experience them.  They may pick and choose their bounty based on balancing the need for quiet and recharge.

So, I define community with a little bit of the spirit, wherever two or more are gathered.  Regardless of your religious lean, the practice is profound.  I think we are given gifts, but we must exercise them like a muscle – flexing, stretching, heart rate up, and resting state.  I think there are those who are blessed to provide comfort, leadership to others around them – big tents and little.  And I think that this is part of what keeps us all flexing our human muscles.  The morality of who we are to each other and ourselves – in part is due to those who either by birth or development or both, exude the up factor.  The undeniable purpose and execution of a plan to sometimes quietly, sometimes vocally, lift up the earth around them and proclaim we are here for a purpose: May I assist, how can I help….and so on.

To that end, meet Alex Cox.  I met Alex a few years back while working with a program to teach media literacy to teens.  He took the class, then went on to oversee the technology needs of future classes.  He continues to strive to make a difference in the lives of people around him.  He exudes the up factor!  Disclaimer #2:  Getting up factor people to discuss themselves is really hard!  

KW:  Where are you from?
AC:    I’m from good ol’ Cleveland, OH.

KW:   What are you up to right now in work and school?
AC:   Well, for my freelance job (being a website admin), I’m busy quality-testing a game that is about to launch on Kickstarter pretty soon. It was a long time coming for this game, just about two years.  For more information, visit here.  For school, I’m currently a sophomore at Cleveland State University studying Computer Science.

KW:   What motivates you to do the work you do?
AC:   What motivates me to do the work is the passion and excitement (in my opinion) of solving a problem or making a difference in the day-to-day life of someone.

KW:   What is one thing that you love about the work you have done?
AC:     I love meeting all different-types people with various backgrounds and pasts.

KW:  Where do you see yourself in about 5 years, 10  years.
AC:   I see myself either starting my own company or working at a company, making awesome stuff that people might (or might not) use in their daily lives.

KW:  Who is someone who has inspired you, and why?
AC:  There are multiple people who has inspired me throughout my life and that list continues to grow continuously everyday. The main one is my own mom, who is always guiding me along the path of success and life. I’ve had a really tough past when I was a young kid, and she really helped me find my potential. I would not be here today without her.

KW:  Something fun you want to share – about yourself…
AC:  Hmm…something fun… Other than go Cavs!  Sorry Chicago, maybe next year!  Also, my website/blog if anyone is interested.

Thanks Alex for taking the time out to answer some questions, but most especially thank you for being you!


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