The Cheap Seats.

Who could forget Bob Uecker’s shout out to the Cheap Seats. Although humorous it also illuminates the concept of division, of the us and them.    My life’s work of art and business has often landed me in the cheap seats, from housing to concerts.   It may be an enormously large rationalization, but here’s my take… Continue reading The Cheap Seats.


The Up Factor: Cracking the community code.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually cracked the community code… But I believe I have tapped into a good source that may inspire the beginning.  Community is a buzz word that implies a people joining together and sharing resources, time, talents and love with one another.   And in this space many things often happen: increased productivity, serving… Continue reading The Up Factor: Cracking the community code.

Ingenuity Infinity

As a writer/filmmaker, I am often inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of colleagues and friends.  I have the pleasure of working seasonally with the Cleveland International Film Festival  (one of the best gigs ever). The featured image I selected is taken from a previous festival experience. My job was to coordinate about 150 short films… Continue reading Ingenuity Infinity