It’s been a long time…

Well, it’s been over a year since I dropped in with an update. A lot has changed, hasn’t it? Or maybe things are just being illuminated. In either case, the show, and for me that means the children’s book, must go on!

The book has been re-imagined with a new title: Oscar! Oscar is our wonderfully flawed and yet perfectly heroic main character…who also happens to be a shopping cart! For those familiar with the short film , Oscar still has a passion for purpose, with a few fun and exciting arc upgrades. I think you will be pleased!

We were blessed to obtain a magically-gifted illustrator, Pilar Lama. Pilar comes to us from Madrid, Spain and is represented by Wendy Lynn & Co. She is transforminig our story into quite a visually stunning work of art. Thank you! Thank you!

Here is a taste of what she’s bringing to the “book” table.

Peace to all and best wishes for further awareness, and the courage to live in, and with it.


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