Cathy Borders: Call the Book Wife

Oscar’s journey from fledgling outline to finished children’s book would not have happened if it were not for the nurturing and all-around finessing of my editor Cathy Borders. Ideas flew out of me, and Cathy managed to organize the chaos into coherent and thoughtful text. She stuck with me through every iteration of the story, including the times where I jumped ship and thought to sail in another direction. She guided me back home, every time.

A perfect blend of her artistry and focus led to the best possible outcome for Oscar:

I could not be more grateful or appreciative. I remember the day we say outside a coffee shop, and she read my book to me. She wanted me to discover the nuances of the text and to absorb the nooks and crannies of words tucked away. We were close to the end of our time together and I cherish that memory. Cathy is a remarkable writer as well as friend. Perhaps that’s why her editing style is completely collaborative, honest, and kind. She shares:

There is always a give and take,a back and forth between author and reader.

Cathy describes her editing style as a little different from most, so each client’s project takes on a life of its own. She offers “Book Midwifery,” where your book will be completed, but also a more affordable option,”Story Therapy”, where you can meet regularly to talk about your project with occasional light editing work (for those who are not quite ready for the big line editing pressure plunge).

Her thoughts:

Whether she is organizing an event for artists or providing one-on-one time, she can lend energy and comfort to the mix. If you are looking for someone to walk with you on the whacky and wonderful adventure of writing, don’t hesitate to reach out to Cathy. Her site as well as her services are evolving, and I am thrilled to be a part of her journey. I am better for it, and our community is far richer, thanks to her contributions. She is a truly a friend to locals and a champion for all writers.

For more information, visit Cathy’s Website and you can follow her on Instagram where she is growing an online presence @story_therapist.

Note to readers: Cathy did not edit this post (and it shows). Any grammatical or other missteps belong solely to the author.

Oscar is available on BookBaby Bookshop and Amazon. For more information,visit: Facebook Goodreads Instagram



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