Pilar the Magnificent

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than illustrations for a children’s book are priceless. I knew Oscar was going to be a hybrid of sorts: chapter book meets picture book with a melding of tradition and animation. The moment I saw Pilar’s work, I knew I had found someone who was not only capable of creating brilliant illustrations, but also had the heart to convey all things Oscar.

Charlie (Oscar) illustration: Pilar Lama

Pilar’s earlier work has earned her accolades and awards. However, what I find most compelling about her artistry is her sense of collaboration and desire to capture the essence of every character she creates.

I don’t know how she does it. Inspired by the wonderfully talented Tom Watson, I learned how to draw this:

And for a fleeting moment thought I would illustrate Oscar on my own.Thank goodness that thought exited the building as quickly as it entered.

I can’t thank Pilar enough for her incredible talent. Most importantly, I am deeply indebted to her kindness. To see more of Pilar’s work you can visit here and here. If you would like to hire her for your own project, visit WendyLynn & Co. Kudos and thanks to Kyle and Janice from WendyLynn for their wonderful support on this journey.

Enormous kudos to Pilar for her imagination and her talent! I am eternally grateful!

Pilar’s Desk (image by Pilar Lama)


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