This is your brain on eggs.

Scrambled? Fried? Easily broken or burned?  Do you naturally see the sunny side of things or do your choices take you over easily?  Have you built a solid wall and do you take a hard stance on issues?  Are your thoughts mixed with other ideas and do you let it bake for a while to see where it all leads?

Yes. Several times, and all of the above? Great.  Or is it.  Or do we only think we do all the above, but in reality our cells travel one, singular linear path down the side of its cracked shell.  Patterns.  Grooves.  The habitual thoughts that lead to actions that result in attitudes and beliefs.  No matter the way you slice it, o.k. now I’m talking bread, but bread goes with eggs, right?, you end up serving the same dish. Why?  Because we are creatures of our own habits and habitats.  We spin different lines from colorful recipes, but in the end we end up where we ended before.

How do we change?  We get burned, a lot.  A lot of burning.  A lot of bad tastes.  And then we start over.  One thought at a time.  What came first our brains? Or the thought that we had one?  Well our brains came first, of course.  Then we realized that it was there.  But, how did we know it was there?  Well, we thought about it…oh.

Yeah, it’s like that.  You have to think that you’re thinking de jour is not exactly where you want it to be, and then think how not to think that way anymore.  We change our thinking by doing.  We do it, then eventually a new groove is formed and we naturally roll that way. It’s a balancing act of sorts, like we are holding our thoughts on a spoon as we race forward with our new way of doing.

We fall, splat.  We get us all over our faces and then we get up and try again.  We realize that there is no big sort of miraculous beast that will hop in and rescue us.  We’ve tried the quick way too.  We grab it, demanding that everyone else let go of what we’re holding onto.  Then we realize that in order to sustain, we have to let go of it too.

And then we are re-born, sort of.  We emerge messy from the change, but we press on. Sometimes we take a rest from it all,  sit on a wall, until change knocks us about again and we go tumbling down.  We get help, we get put back together.  And our thoughts are newly arranged with the understanding that there is danger, concern, but compassion and help.

We get dipped and our views are colored by it, but we emerge with new thoughts, ideas. We recognize that being cracked about isn’t weakness, it reveals who we really are and it helps shape what we will become.   The featured image is the biggest oven around, glowing, heating and guiding us. And we topple and spin around it.  So in the end does it matter to know what came first  – us or the idea of us? What matters is what happened in the in between; between the whatever that was sliced to create us, and what was served by us.









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