About the Author

I believe in magic and miracles, but I don’t think either happens when or how we want them to. I love looking up and down but try not to while I’m walking. I’m a writer, filmmaker, and a cheerleader for my friends’ dreams. And I try not to wish nightmares on everyone else. I believe that creation is the only original concept and everything else is a re-write. I hope that my drafts make a difference.

Kailyne is a writer and filmmaker who made a shopping cart come to life in the short film: The Go Cart. The animated tale screened at festivals around the world and won cool awards. She’s created content for community organizations to help teens, houseless people, and persons with disabilities. Kailyne enjoys dreaming up stories, visiting her local library (where she was a proud part of the mighty circulation team) and wearing fuzzy socks. Her first children’s book, OSCAR, is available here.