Pilar the Magnificent

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than illustrations for a children’s book are priceless. I knew Oscar was going to be a hybrid of sorts: chapter book meets picture book with a melding of tradition and animation. The moment I saw Pilar’s work, I knew I had found someone who was not only… Continue reading Pilar the Magnificent


Oscar Loves You

OSCAR has arrived! Pre-order now Barnes & Noble, Amazon, BookBaby Bookshop “An inspiring children’s story about a shopping cart who discovers his true purpose in life. A great read aloud with your child and an excellent classroom read to discuss friendships and celebrating differences.” – Nancy Lupo, BA, MLIS, The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Evaluator’s Committee,… Continue reading Oscar Loves You

Under Words

What are under words? The dialog that is subtext or subconscious reasoning? Perhaps they are the summation of our thoughts that live beneath our out words and actions.  The film Carol portrays the inner workings of several characters set against the backdrop of an early 50’s New York City.  What is especially captivating is the… Continue reading Under Words

Could This Be The Magic?

Maybe Sarah Silverman is right –  magic is in the sunsets.  Magicians are nothing more than practitioners, experts at the sleight of hand and diversion, practicing until what is visible appears invisible.  The Prestige, my favorite Nolan film, is brilliant at outlining the process: First I am going to tell you that there is no… Continue reading Could This Be The Magic?