Artistry in Motion: The Go Cart’s Animator, Bobby Bennett

There is the old adage of putting the cart before the horse, and it pretty much means that it’s not a logical or fruitful thing to do.  First things first, so to speak.  Well, in this case, it was putting the cart before everything else.  And by cart, I mean the concept, the look, design,… Continue reading Artistry in Motion: The Go Cart’s Animator, Bobby Bennett


A short film from the street.

It was along this road I would see the abandoned shopping carts as I thought about the patients I was visiting, and how they related stories of feeling isolated and neglected by a system charged with caring for them.

A Pocket Full of Life

It wasn’t a full pocket yesterday and he barely had enough today, but somehow, someway the pocket never emptied. It wasn’t empty the day a homeless woman tugged at his arm and asked to be fed. It wasn’t empty the morning he woke up and saw the broken wheel of the bike by his driveway,… Continue reading A Pocket Full of Life


Next Stop Cogville!

When Roseanne busted onto the scene she brought with her a unique brand of comedy, but beyond that she brought a spotlight to what it means to work hours for next to nothing.  She introduced viewers to the working class in a way that hadn’t been fully explored on prime time.  I imagine it was… Continue reading Next Stop Cogville!