Pilar the Magnificent

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than illustrations for a children’s book are priceless. I knew Oscar was going to be a hybrid of sorts: chapter book meets picture book with a melding of tradition and animation. The moment I saw Pilar’s work, I knew I had found someone who was not only… Continue reading Pilar the Magnificent


Oscar Loves You

OSCAR has arrived! Pre-order now Barnes & Noble, Amazon, BookBaby Bookshop “An inspiring children’s story about a shopping cart who discovers his true purpose in life. A great read aloud with your child and an excellent classroom read to discuss friendships and celebrating differences.” – Nancy Lupo, BA, MLIS, The Rebecca Caudill Young Readers’ Book Award Evaluator’s Committee,… Continue reading Oscar Loves You

The Rough Draft Road

How wonderful it’s been these past few months to take our short film, The Go Cart, from screen to page.  A special shout-out to the superb editing stylings of The Republic of Letters. With a strong, working draft in-hand, our newest adventure is to locate an Illustrator who can take the story to the next… Continue reading The Rough Draft Road

The Go Cart Rolls On

We did it!  We sent our beloved little shopping cart out into the world!  After a wonderful festival run, where we picked up some pretty nifty awards, we are ready for our next adventure! While screening our film, one common theme emerged from audiences – they related. As parents, they related to the idea of teaching… Continue reading The Go Cart Rolls On