Ingenuity Infinity

As a writer/filmmaker, I am often inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of colleagues and friends.  I have the pleasure of working seasonally with the Cleveland International Film Festival  (one of the best gigs ever).

The featured image I selected is taken from a previous festival experience. My job was to coordinate about 150 short films coming in and out of the venue over a 12 day stretch. And the cool thing was that some of the shorts were actually being screened on film vs. a film file, blu ray or dvd. I also dig beta sp or digi beta as a format. Those work horses are reliable.  But when it’s all said and done, there is something pretty awesome about film. Although cumbersome to lift, the packaged reels were still a pretty amazing gift to open at the festival office.  I felt like I was part of an historic art movement that would soon be shelved and footnoted, but nonetheless appreciated by film enthusiasts.

If you love the idea of film being shown on film as much as I do, this short may peak your interest. The Last Reel, directed by the academy award nominated Steve Bognar  does a stellar job of depicting the technical, yet poetic depth of the film experience.  Not to mention that he his and his life and work partner Julia Reichert are not only approachable, but happy to share their knowledge with students and fans alike.

And definitely no shortage of inspiration emanates from Vincenzo Cosentino.  This guy, who sends my admiration meter through the roof, not only carries a spirit that is light and infectious, but his story is magical.   He is a self taught visual artist with a very unique take on an epic story filled with adventure, romance and heart.   The thing that makes his feature film so special is that it’s told largely through the use of hands…

So without giving more away and with no further ado, you can check out part of his handy work here. You won’t be disappointed. And if so inspired, you can lend a hand or a share, all of it which will help him realize his dream of self distribution.  On with the show!

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