So The Story Goes…

This story is about really cool places and people.  Just random notes about creativity colliding with passion and generating some fun stuff.  I have enjoyed working/visiting with all of these excellent artisans and thought it would be nice to spread the love.

Even though the 39th Cleveland International Film Festival is a wrap, you can still support this organization. If you dig films of any genre and community, check them out here:

Do you know someone living with cancer?  Although this shop focuses on cancer patients, it’s great for anyone, and it’s all for an amazing cause.  Check it out here:

Do you want to support the hard work of a fashion icon and generally all around inventive person? If so, then this place is pretty awesome:

Are you into supporting local authors and do you enjoy a good mystery?  Then this author based in Geneva, IL is a great place to start:

These guys and gals really know how to start from scratch, first by creating and presenting a great festival and now putting some walls around an indie film venue.   You can check them out here:

Oh and I snapped the featured pic with my phone at the Main Branch of the Stark County Library (Canton, Ohio). The Art Of Community was on display in the month of March. But, you can still check out more information about it as well as the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities at:

I was visiting Ohio for just a couple, short weeks and yet found so much to do and see. This is just a small sampling of all the good, creative work out there.  I tossed in the Geneva, IL author because on my return back home I was sent a community email that featured the author’s free presentation at my local library.

So much at our fingertips and only footsteps away.  Easier for some to reach than others, but it’s nice to know that the generosity of community and the passion of local artists continue to thrive.

Write on!


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